About this project 02.10.2016

On this site you can find a list of old bodyrock.tv workouts with videos and instructions.

I made this site years ago to organize workouts that were posted on bodyrock. Later these workouts were removed from bodyrock.tv and their youtube channel, but you can still find most of them all over the internet. That is not very convinient, so I try to keep all of these workouts in one place with instructions and videos. But it's not easy cause videos are still being deleted from other youtube channels and it takes a lot of time to find and add them again. I've noticed that some users added videos to comments, so I decided to make users able to help me to keep the site up-to-date. Now you can add and edit workouts on your own.

Also I would like Zuzka's newer free workouts to be here to, you are welcome to add them. Please don't add her paid workouts from ZGYM - her work is worth being paid for (I recommend ZGYM if you do such workouts every day).

You have to be registered user to add/edit workouts, but you can also login via facebook.

This site is currently only for Zuzka Lights' workouts, but I plan to add others sections too.

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