About the author 30.09.2016

Hi! My name is Anna Buyanova, I live in Russia :)

I work as a web developer (ruby) and I like my job very much. I also like other stuff too - p.e. sports activities (gym, cycling, jogging, kettlebells and others).

I started working out to look better, but now I'm more into body positivity and I exercise mostly for fun, to feel better and be stronger.

Currently I rarely do Zuzka Light's workouts, though I steel often work out at home (mostly kettlebell workouts and yoga). Also I go to the gym (once a week) and jog with a stroller.

You can find my activities on fitocracy.

If you want to know more about me, here is my personal site - litealloy.ru

Also you can contact me via feedback form in the bottom of the page.

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