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Not Afraid Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 14:03 19.03.2017
Time: 20 min
skipping, dip station, intervals

**Complete all parts 2 times**

Part 1 - Time Challenge (3 min)

Crab Pike Press:

Crab Position
Twist to Pike Position & Press
Single Elbow Lift
Return to Crab Position

Part 2 - Interval Training (4 mins)

8 Rounds: 20/10 sec intervals

20 sec: High Knees w/ Jump Rope
10 sec: REST
20 sec: Burpee Knee Raises (no jump)
10 sec: REST

(Complete 4 times)

Part 3 - Time Challenge (3 mins)

Ninja Jump
Side Squat & Back Lunge (x3)

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