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If You Really Want More Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 14:03 19.03.2017
Time: 20 min
sandbag, intervals

Part 1 - Time Challenge (12 sets)

Side Lunge & Push Up Combo:

10 side lunge pulses
Pivot into plank position
3 push ups
Bend up back into side lunge
5 side jump lunge

Part 2 - Interval Training (6 min)

9 Rounds: 30/10 sec intervals

Surfer Exercise:

Lean on back leg
Jump up
Drop to stomach
Power up
Facing opposite side, jump up
Drop to stomach

Part 3 - Time Challenge (50 reps)

Backward Lunge w/ Sandbag & Kick:

Lunge back
Lunge up, picking up sandbag
Lunge back opposite leg
Cross sandbag to opposite leg
Swoop kick
Lunge up, picking up sandbag

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