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Sexy Body Beater Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 16:05 22.05.2017
Time: 25 min
intervals, pull-up bar

21 rounds of 60/10 second intervals

1) push-up
(Start in the plank position, lower yourself as close to the ground as possible keeping your body rigid and in one straight line. Press only half way up, lower your body to the ground again and then press all the way up into the plank (this was one rep). Walk over to the side and repeat.)

2) Fly Crunches
3) L – Lunges (left)
4) L – Lunges (right)
6) Pull Ups (they are based on the same principle as the push ups. Half way up, down, all the way up – this is one rep.)

7) Dancing Frog Squats

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