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Get These Abs Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: Cynthia at 18:02 10.02.2018
Time: 15 min
circuit, no equipment

1) Combo 1 - 15 sets

Jump Squats and Push Ups – Do two jump squats and 1 jump tuck, than get immediately into the plank and do 2 half way down push ups and for the 3rd one power up and jump your feet forward into a squat.

2) Combo 2 - 6 sets
Do 10 Kick Ups, turn over and do 10 Mountain Climber Peaks

3) Combo 3 - 4 sets each leg

Do 10 reps of One Leg Pike Press, than jump your foot forward and get immediately into the One Leg Squat position. Do 10One Leg Jump Squats.

4) 20 reps of Breakdance Push Ups (alt sides)

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