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ZWOW #52 - Lean Body Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 14:03 19.03.2017
Time: 16 min
zwow, circuit, no equipment

1) 3 rounds of

plank jump tucks - 10

On your belly roll over and do a forward bend to stretch, roll over on to your belly and jump your feet forward and get up.

2) 3 rounds of
knee hug & leg lift - 10
Roll over onto your belly and stretch in the upward dog pose, repeat this set 3 times

In the last round, from the upward dog pose get into a plank, step your feet forward to your hands and then slowly rise up from the standing forward bend position.

3) 3 Jump lunges & 3 knee tucks - 10 sets

Inhale bring your arms up and exhale and bend forward - 2 times

4) 2 rounds of
pistol squats - 5, move standing leg back, go into a deep lunge (stretch front leg)
(each leg, alt legs)

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