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Learn the Pistol Squat Workout edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 14:03 19.03.2017
Time: 10 min
no jumping, circuit, no equipment

An Easy Workout to Build Strength For this Exercise

1) Body weight squat - 30 reps
2) Squat position - 30 secs
3) Spine roll into jump up - 10 reps
3) Hold the top position of the pistol squat - 30secs
5) Go halfway down to pistol squat, hold for 30secs
6) Got to the bottom of pistol squat position, hold for 30secs
7) Spine roll into pistol
8) Spine roll into 1 leg bounce up - 5 reps each leg
9) Half-way pistol, hold position for 30secs each leg
10) Spine roll + 5 bounces on each leg - at least 5 sets on each leg

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