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5 Minute Workout #61 – Abs and Cardio edit

Created by: lightalloy
Last edited by: lightalloy at 14:03 19.03.2017
Time: 5 min
circuit, no equipment

As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes:

1) Jump tuck - 5 reps
(Easier modification - jump squat)
(Low impact modification - weighted squat)
2) Criss cross commando push ups - 4 reps
(Easier modification - plank criss cross knee tucks (no push ups))
3. Plank jump to squat (x2) Knee hugs (x2) - 4 reps
(Easier modification - jumping your feet forward when you’re in the plank, leaving your hands on the ground)
(Low impact modification - 2x plank knee tuck instead of each jump (4x alternating knee tucks))

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