About 05.07.2015

Zuzka Light Currently here is a tool for searching workouts made by Zuzana Light (older bodyrock.tv workouts and some ZWOW and ZGYM workouts). Also here you can find text instructions for Zuzana's workouts. Enjoy! :)

Bodyrock was a project founded by Zuzana and Freddy Light. It was a site about fitness, where you can find free workouts, some information about diet and some other interesting stuff. In October, 2011 Freddy and Zuzana decided to break-up. At first Zuzana said, that she will be still making some recipes and coffee-talks for bodyrock.tv. but then she disappeared silently. Bodyrockers were very disappointed and kept asking "where is Zuzana?" on the site.

Finally she decided to start her own project and now we can watch some of her new ZWOW and ZGYM workout videos on youtube and on her new site, there are also some coffee-talks, diet tips and so.